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Haven was founded to be a safe, inspiring, and uplifting resource to help EDUCATE, GATHER, and SUPPORT those that are involved in birth in any way: those who are expecting, who are postpartum, those that have or are experiencing loss or grief, as well as for birth workers. 


OUR MISSION. Haven believes in providing the highest level of EDUCATION for moms (and dads) throughout the entire birth process. We train and certify our Labor Support Specialists that are able to help provide a bridge in the gap between medical providers and birth workers. Both play a vital role and both can help to create a positive, sacred birth experience.  

Haven believes in providing the best possible SUPPORT for expecting mothers and their families. We strive to provide educational resources, emotional support, and a sense of community for all. Our experienced labor support specialists are committed to helping new mothers and their families prepare for the birth process and the transition into parenthood. We are passionate about helping expectant parents make informed decisions and feel prepared for the journey ahead. We are also dedicated to supporting those that are experiencing loss or grief.

Haven believes in a strong need to GATHER to help support each other. Strength in numbers and community allows us to serve and lift each other in ways we couldn't do on our own. 

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