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Labor Support Specialist Certification

What is a Labor Support Specialist?

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If our mission at Haven is one that touches your heart, we would love to have you join the efforts. It is our desire to involve anyone with the same passion of helping mothers, babies, and families. By doing so you will increase our ability to help those throughout our communities. There are many different ways to show your support for Haven; they all make a difference. 

- Become an official Haven volunteer

- Offer your skills, products, or services 

- One time financial contribution

- Become an ongoing giver or sponsor  


"Haven is a rejuvenating place for mothers to gather together where they can learn, share, and feel connected and uplifted. I love sharing this resource with other mothers."

- Katie

Haven Community Member

"Taking the LSS course was very eye opening from my perspective of not having had children myself. Some of the things that I value most from taking the LSS certification are the relationships that were made, the ongoing sense of community, and opportunities for additional education." 

- Naomie

Haven Labor Support Specialist

"I was struggling during my postpartum recovery and honestly felt like I didn't have anywhere to turn for help. I felt lost and alone. I was referred to Haven and their community; it was a huge help in my recovery! They provided some fantastic resources and were able to refer me to other professionals as well for things that I needed help with. I highly recommend Haven!"

- Heather

Haven Community Member

"My labor support specialist was AMAZING! We were completely on the same page. She honored my wishes and supported me the way I wanted. I have a very supportive husband and it was still a game changer to have someone who is professionally trained in labor and delivery support. It didn't end after I had the baby, she was there for me throughout my postpartum journey. It was great to have her check in on me to make sure I was healing well and feeling well. In a season where a lot of mothers can feel alone, I did not. I felt supported and cared for."

- Marin

Haven Community Member

The Haven Community

Haven believes in the power of community and resources being easily accessible and available to all.

What You Can Expect in the Haven Community

- Free to join

- Mother and birth worker centered community

- Free resources for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum

- Monthly virtual postpartum gatherings & weekly open office hours

- Collection of birth stories & videos

- And much more!

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